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Welcome to the Auch Embats Golf Course !

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Tee n° 1 : « The 3 dales»
Par 4 Hcp 16

An easy tee off to start the round. Drive slightly to the left to avoid the big oak tree near the green. Birdie hole if played correctly.


Tee n°2 : « The Menhir »
Par 3 Hcp 14

Precision required. Aim for right side of green. Beware of club choice as the green is deep.


Tee n° 3 : « Augusta Auscorum » Name of the town of Auch
in Roman times
Par 4 Hcp 2

Difficult, especially with the predominant headwind. New double-layered green, running alongside a water hazard and it’s fountain, embellished with two stone bridges. The hole is inspired  by a famous Augusta hole.


Tee n°4: « The cliffs »
Par 5. Hcp 1

The longest hole on the course (535 meters) which requires perfection on each shot. First of all the tee-shot which needs to be aimed towards the left side of the fairway to facilitate the lay-up shot left of the central poplar tree. The constant left to right slope will help the ball into the centre of the fairway. For the longer hitter, play a second shot with a slight fade. Beware the invisible bunker short and right of the green as well as the water surrounding it.


Tee n°5 : « The three wells »
Par 3 Hcp 13

Long par 3 over an expanse of water. Take at least one club more than intended. The green slopes upwards allowing for an easier reception of the ball.


Tee n°6 : « The black sheep »
Par 4 Hcp 6

Hole with a constant left to right slope. Aim left edge of fairway off the tee. Avoid a downhill putt on this treacherous green.


Tee n°7 : « The Valley »
Par 4 Hcp 8

Precision required on tee-shot. Beware the bunkers on the left. It is safer to attack the green from the right as the slope will bring the ball back.


Tee n°8 : « A Short Hop »
Par 3 Hcp 18

The green is larger than it is deep so onus on precision in length rather than in direction. Hence club choice is vital.


Tee n° 9 : « The Tower Hole »
Par 4 Hcp 12

A long drive can reach the green if directed towards the group of trees just left of the green. When approaching the green the percentage shot is to play a chip and run in the direction of those trees. The inclination on the fairway is slightly less penalising now as two flat platforms have been constructed on the landing area.
Stunning views over Gascony and, on clear days, the Pyrenees.


Tee n°10 : « The Big Balcony »
Par 4 Hcp 17

Green that is reachable in one with a shot directed to the right centre of the fairway. If laying up, hit approach shot to the right edge of the green. Birdie hole..


Tee n°11 : « Oppidum »
Par 3 Hcp 10

Play the percentage shot right of the green but beware the out of bounds on the right from an over cooked shot.


Tee n°12 : « The Forest »
Par 4 Hcp 7

Dog leg right. Pick a line over the top of the trees to reach the fairway with a middle to long iron. Again don’t over hit as you will be blinded for the 2nd. A precise approach is needed here with water beyond the green and bunkers short and right.


Tee n°13 : « The Deer Hole »
Par 5 Hcp 4

The ideal drive is a slight draw through the trees. Second shot needs to be hit to the right of the expanse of trees on the left. If possible try to pitch on the green with the approach shot as anything short will take the slope and run through the green.


Tee n°14. « Oak Grove »
Par 3 Hcp 15.

Aim for right side of the green. Be careful of the front to back sloping green.


Tee n°15. « Golden Brooms »
Par4 Hcp 11

A long fading drive can reach the green, which is above the level of the fairway. The main difficulty on this hole is the blind approach and the narrow green.


Tee n°16. « The Cathedral »
Par 4 Hcp 3

The Auch cathedral is visible from the men’s tee on this hole. The hole is a dog leg left where only a long drive can cut the corner and hence see the green for the second. The safest shot is to attack the green from a rolling shot as the hole is downhill all the way. Birdie hole or better. A buggy is available on competition days to reach the top for the tee-shot.


Tee n°17 : « The horse shoe »
Par 5 Hcp 5

This double dog-leg right requires a long second shot for a vision to the green on the 3rd. There is a stone to indicate where the green is. The one at the bottom is the 90 metre marker.


Tee n°18 : « The Circus »
Par 3 Hcp 9

Do not hesitate to hit too long as any short ball will roll back down and leave you a delicate little approach shot that needs to be played slightly right of the hole.



The Auch golf course offers a panoramic practice area with giant targets. It can be found on the stretch between the club house and the 1st tee.
There is also a practice putting green which overlooks the course.